YETI Rambler 46oz Bottle With Chug Cap (1.4L)


An oversized bottle built to follow you to the middle of nowhere and keep you hydrated along the way.


Fill up on adventure with an oversized bottle built with the middle of nowhere in mind. This dawn-to-dusk YETI water well is sized just right. It’s not too big to slow you down, but big enough to hold ample H20 from your early-morning start to that worth-the-hike sunset. As for its temp-holding power, its double-wall vacuum insulation promises ice-cold sips on the hottest days.
For easy cleaning and use day after day, this reusable bottle is dishwasher safe. When it’s time for a wash or ice refill, remove the entire cap for easy access. Find a colour that calls to you.

Please note: Do not use the Rambler® Bottle Chug Cap with carbonated beverages or for storage of food or perishables.

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Weight N/A
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Navy, Sea Foam, Black, Charcoal, White, Rescue Red, King Crab Orange, Agave Teal, Big Wave Blue, Tropical Pink

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