Elm Wooden Serving Board



Premium Quality Wooden Serving Boards

  • Beautiful hand-selected Elm wood, chosen for it’s hardness and low porosity, with strong antibacterial properties.
  • 3 convenient sizes stocked (900mm, 750mm, & 500mm) – to display a standard meal right through to the full party platter!
  • Sturdy & Durable – Super Solid 35mm thick (approx) construction.
  • Easy to care for (see care guide)
  • Wooden boards will look after your knives, ensuring they stay sharper for longer.
  • Machined juice groove to help prevent messy spills on the countertop, keeping the cutting surface cleaner, and making it easier to collect and repurpose the juices for basting or making delicious gravies.
  • Rubber feet offer excellent grip and stability, preventing your cutting board from sliding around while you’re busy chopping vegetables or slicing meat. They also act as shock absorbers, reducing the impact on your countertop and minimizing the risk of scratches.

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500ml, 750ml, 900ml