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Unleash amazing flavour when you’re grilling, frying or baking your favourite meat by adding this BRZ Food Xtra Mojo seasoning to your home grilling arsenal. Although it was crafted originally with steak in mind, this delectable blend of seasonings goes with a variety of meats and even veggies.

Salt, pepper and garlic collide with hints of South American-inspired spices for a taste sensation that every guest can get on board with and that continually wows taste buds around the world at Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) events. Whether you use a little or a lot, count on BRZ Food Xtra Mojo seasoning to get guests talking round the barbie.

You’re going to love it on:

Beef – On any beef cut you’ll find yourself reaching for BRZ Food Xtra Mojo seasoning to bring out the rich taste, whether grilled, fried, or baked.
Pork – Loin or chop, matters not. Pork comes to life with an ample sprinkling of BRZ Food Xtra Mojo seasoning. Combine cubed pork and vegetables for kebabs that sing with flavour.
Chicken/Turkey – Don’t forget your poultry fix! Add a shake or 10 of this seasoning to wings, breasts, thighs and other cuts to bring out chicken’s deliciousness.
Veggies – From grilled tomatoes and peppers to roast zucchini.


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