BBQ Mafia Mobster BBQ Sauce



Founded by a group of mates in Brisbane, Australia, our sweet and savoury sauces are inspired by true American style low n’ slow barbecuing. Pulled together by a carefully selected array of local spices, authentic wood smokers, and hand-carved cuts of meat, our product journey from idea to new sauces and rubs is a work of culinary art.

A nationally recognised barbecuing team who have competed for the title of Pit Masters across Australia, there has never been a team more fitted to come up with a collection of uniquely blended sauces. From barbeque rubs to hot sauces that will tingle the taste buds, the Barbecue Mafia brand represents the penultimate level of grilling perfection.

Your Go-with-Everything Barbecue Sauce

From ribs to burgers, our Mobster Barbeque Sauce is a kitchen must-have that pairs with all dishes. A savoury twist on an American classic, our subtle spice blend is made right here in Australia.

Pair with honey for a homemade glaze or use it on the side of slow cooked ribs. The key taste profile is savoury and smoky–the perfect blend for an all-you-can-eat buffet of beef, pork, and chicken. Some of our favourites?

  • Pork Ribs: need we say more? Our barbecue blend is a kitchen staple and will become your next favourite dipping sauce for ribs of every kind.
  • Burgers: wow a crowd with our next burger platter by marinating each patty with this tangy sauce.
  • Pizza: you heard us! Change up the humble homemade pizza with a barbecue sauce twist. Best paired with grilled chicken, cheese, and sausage.